Tenant Testimonials

Many thanks Taimai for finding us the perfect rental location for our operation.  Your assessment and selection was very insightful and correct. Your professional assistance was greatly appreciated.
We look forward to a continued successful relationship with yourself and First National.

WT - Commercial Tenant

Insightful Property Manager
30 September 2014

I have required many repairs to be carried out on my rental property recently.
This is quite a job to organise!
Thank you Willie - you are very efficient.

SS - Tenant

Efficiency Plus!
18 November 2013

Thank you again for your professionalism Willie.
You are indeed doing a great job.
I think I have never seen that standard here in real estate agencies in Vanuatu!
I am impressed by the quality you are offering your clients.

Thank you again

Best wishes


Professional Property Manager
18 November 2013

Thanks to the hard efforts of the rentals team at Vanuatu First National my family and I were able to secure our ideal home in very short notice.
Willie and Fiona are very helpful.

Thank you from the Wilson Family

Happy Tenants
16 October 2013

Thanks again for your help Kellie. It is so good to be able to deal with an Aussie over there and such a nice efficient one as well.

RB - Landlord

Efficient Property Manager
29 April 2013

Kellie, the property manager at First National ROCKS!  She is pro-active and easy to deal with.

KP - Tenant
Port Vila

Kellie - You Rock!
25 April 2013

I have been renting a property through First National Vanuatu for a while and I find they have a really good property management service.  I have tried other rental companies in town and they never looked after our needs like First National has.
Thanks First National.
btw. I have a leaking tap ....... hee hee.

Port Vila

Great Property Management Service
18 December 2012